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Cheap HotelsAlbania

Cheap Hotel Deals Albania. 12 Hotels Available.

Although it is one of the poorest countries in Europe, Albania is a destination that is rich in history and has a distinctive and fascinating culture. This is a place where you will find some spectacular scenery, and the Southern coastline is a place where you can soak up the wonderful views of the Adriatic Sea. In addition to this you will find beautiful beaches, mountain landscapes, and sparkling lakes, which will thrill anyone that loves taking in the beauty of nature outdoors.

The citizens of Albania are always welcoming and hospitable, so you can look forward to a warm welcome when you visit this destination. In the capital city of the country, Tirana, you can enjoy a colourful arts scene. This is a place where you can look forward to soaking up the culture and delving further into the history of this destination.

If you are planning to visit Albania, then May, June, and September are the months when you will find fewer crowds and milder weather where you will not have to suffer too much heat. In the summer, and also during the winter months the crowds can be greater, with tourists visiting the coastal areas in the summer and the ski season running between November and March.

Although Albania is a truly fascinating and richly historic place there are certain parts where novice traveller may want to be more cautious. For example, the north east of the country should be avoided by anyone that does not have the services of a local guide, as there maybe landmines and armed gangs at its border with Kosovo.

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