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Cheap HotelsBolivia

Cheap Hotel Deals Bolivia. 26 Hotels Available.

Bolivia, a country in South America, has been compared to the Garden of Eden. There are lush rainforests, grassy lowlands and tropical vineyards. The climate is similar to the Mediterranean and the scenery is spectacular. However, there are sparsely populated and barren areas as well, such as the Gran Chaco. This is one country that has retained its native language and traditional culture, so it is one of the best places to learn about the culture of South America.

No matter where you go in Bolivia, you will want to take lots of pictures. La Paz, one of the two capital cities, is one of the highest cities on the planet. Visit the Iglesia de San Francisco, a church that was originally built in the middle of the 16th century. There is a combination of Christian and native religious symbols carved into the stone of the church. You will feel as if you are back in colonial times as you walk along the cobblestoned Jaron Street At the Casa Murillo Museum, you will see many artifacts that have been unearthed in archeological expeditions.

Learn about the Dinosaurs of South America in the judicial capital of Sucre. You can't go home without visiting Lake Titicaca, a sacred destination in Incan mythology. Coroico and Sorato are famed for their scenic vistas as well as the opportunities they offer for hiking and trekking in the mountains. You can take a trip into the rainforest from Rurrenabarque and the Parque Nacional Alto Madidi is one where you will see the largest intact ecosystem in South America.

Although there are no world-renowned resorts in Bolivia, you will still have comfortable accommodation ranging in price from expensive to inexpensive. In La Paz, you will find many restaurants serving cuisine from other countries, but in most of Bolivia, the food is the traditional food of the country. Local markets are the best choices for authentic Bolivian handicrafts, but if you want shopping malls, you will find an exciting experience waiting for you at the Calle Sagarnage in La Paz. Bolivia is a little known vacation paradise that you will have to visit several times in order to experience all of what it has to offer.

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