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Cheap HotelsBulgaria

Cheap Hotel Deals Bulgaria. 182 Hotels Available.

The beautiful country of Bulgaria is one place in the world where you can still actually take a vacation and not have to spend enormous amounts of money. Located in Eastern Europe, this country is bordered on the east by the Black Sea, on the south by Turkey and Greece and on the north by Romania. Where else would you go and be able to see gypsies traveling on the roads in horse drawn carriages? Idyllic mountain villages, exquisite beaches and more await you when you choose to visit this country.

Sofia is the capital city in Bulgaria with many shady parks and streets lined with cafes. You can buy just about anything in the Zhensi Pazar (the central market), specifically the nesting dolls for which Bulgaria is famous. Take a trip to Mt. Vitosha, where you will find picnic spots and opportunities for recreation, especially skiing in winter. If you want to see if you are really in good shape, you can take the strenuous climb to Cherry Vrah peak for a spectacular view, but the views from the mountain are fabulous from any vantage point. In the city, itself, there are many churches, some of which date back many centuries.

The particular part of Bulgaria where you spend most of your time depends on your interests. If you are a skier, then the Borovets will amaze you. This was once the hunting place for the Bulgarian royalty, but is now a ski resort and only 70 miles from Sofia. If you prefer the warm temperatures and the sand, then the Black Sea Coast of the country will be your first choice. The resorts are all within walking distance of the beaches and also within walking distance of the attractions of the specific town you are in so that you can see Bulgarian castles, ancient ruins and many natural landmarks.

The tourist destinations in Bulgaria are well equipped with hotels and restaurants. You can shop in the small markets in the villages and find unique local crafts that will remind you of your vacation.

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