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Cheap HotelsEcuador

Cheap Hotel Deals Ecuador. 58 Hotels Available.

Ecuador is a destination that boasts rich history and culture, and is described as a destination that fuses the new world with the old. This is the smallest of the Andean countries, but visitors here will still find plenty of history, culture, fascinating sights and attractions, and activities on offer. This is an incredibly diverse country with fascinating character. You will find everything here from historical places of interest to natural beauty and incredible landscapes.

The population of Ecuador is around twelve million, and the capital city of this small country is Quito. A range of languages are spoken here, with English being the main second language. The diverse mix of cultures that can be found in Ecuador make this a place where visitors can enjoy a unique and exciting cultural experience.

The surroundings and landscapes in Ecuador are also diverse, and you can experience everything from tropical forests and volcanoes to the old parts of the country with their fascinating historical relics. This is a place where you will really be able to take in the surrounding natural beauty that can be found in many areas, as well as take in some unique and truly fascinating wildlife.

You will find plenty of different foods on offer when you come to Ecuador, and amongst the dishes that are popular in different areas of this country are pork, chicken, beef, and guinea pig. This country boasts significant literary and artistic links, which provides an even greater cultural experience for visitors. You can choose from a range of accommodation when you visit this country, so you should be able to find affordable lodgings without having to compromise on comfort or service.

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