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Cheap HotelsEl Salvador

Cheap Hotel Deals El Salvador. 27 Hotels Available.

Located at the border of the Pacific Ocean between Honduras and Guatemala the country of El Salvador has a population of around six million, and over recent years has been enjoying increasing growth in terms of its population. This destination has a rich history that dates back many centuries, and visitors to this country will find an exciting and colourful culture to explore, in a country that has its own special charm and character.

El Salvador is situated in Central America, and is actually the smallest country in continental America, which has resulted in it often being referred to as the 'Tom Thumb of the Americas'. The landscape in this country is diverse and striking, and includes lakes, rivers, volcanic craters, and mountain areas. You will find that the climate here is tropical and that the wet and dry seasons are very pronounced as they often are in tropical destinations.

With the government in El Salvador focusing on increasing tourism, this is an area that has been growing over recent years. Many visitors come here to enjoy the beaches, soak up the exciting nightlife, and enjoy activities such as surfing. Others come to learn more about the rich history and culture of this growing destination. Some come to take in the natural sights that can be found here, such as the mountains and volcanoes.

You will find a number of festivities and events that take place here over the course of the year, and these can help you to further experience the fascinating culture of this country. You can also enjoy sampling the local cuisine, including the popular tortilla dish known as the pupusa. Depending on which part of this country you stay in you can look forward to a choice of accommodation too, ensuring that you get to enjoy comfort whilst not exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

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