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Cheap HotelsGuadeloupe

Cheap Hotel Deals Guadeloupe. 35 Hotels Available.

Situated just southeast of Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe is an island that enjoys a wonderful location in the eastern part of the Caribbean. There are around half a millions inhabitants in this destination, and the capital city is Basse-Terre. The landscape in Guadeloupe is varied and diverse depending which part you are visiting, and includes everything from glorious beaches to lush greenery, mountains, cliffs, barren areas, incredible bays, and more.

This area's year round agreeable climate means that you can visit at any time of the year without having to put up with severe weather conditions. This is a place where you can soak up the vibrant and colourful culture, with a variety of events, festivities, and parades that will add to your cultural appreciation and will allow you to learn more about the local traditions and way of life.

The official language of this country is French, and you will find that the inhabitants of Guadeloupe are charming, friendly, and welcoming. You will find plenty to keep you busy here, from attractions such as the museums or the nature reserve to a host of outdoor pursuits designed to cater for those that want to enjoy activity and adventure. In addition to beauty and culture, there is also a rich history here to be discovered, so you can really delve into the past of this destination and learn more about its roots.

Whilst visiting you can look forward to sampling the local drink, which is white rum or cocktails that contain white rum. You can enjoy a choice of cuisine, including the regional favourite known as Colombo, which is a chicken, rice, and curry dish. There is a choice of accommodation to select from whilst you are here, so you can enjoy finding lodgings that offer affordability without having to compromise on comfort and quality.

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