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Cheap HotelsLuxembourg

Cheap Hotel Deals Luxembourg. 42 Hotels Available.

Luxembourg is a very tiny country in Europe sandwiched in between Belgium, France and Germany. It is a country of beauty with its green pastures and gently rolling hills. There are many historical sites, with the older part of the capital city of Luxembourg-Ville having the designation of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will find towering fortresses overlooking winding cobblestone streets. There are also underground tunnels that you can explore. An open-air tourist train will take you through the Petrusse Valley. Some of the other sites of this beautiful city include the changing of the guard at official residence of the Grand Duke, the market at Place Guillaume. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral and the many museums in the city that tell of the wonders of the country and its people.

Pilgrims from all over the world flock to Echternach for the procession held on the Tuesday before the beginning of Lent. There is a museum in the St. Benedictine Abbey and this town also holds a 15th century Town Hall. You will need a chairlift to visit the impressive castle at Vianden from which you can have a panoramic view of the town. In this toen you can also visit a wild boar sanctuary and you should take the short trip to nearby Bourscheid to visit another ancient castle.

When in Luxembourg-Ville, there are many charming restaurants and stores in Place d'Armes. Here you can taste the wines of the country. Take the lift down through rock to the Grund where you will find many cafes and restaurants. For outdoor activities, you will have so many choices that it will be hard to decide what you want to do first. The Mullerthal region of the country has been nicknamed "little Switzerland" with its dense forest and mountains. Stay in hill top resorts as you spend the day walking and hiking amidst the natural beauty. You can also engage in rock-climbing in this area.

Enjoy watersports in the impressive lake of the Upper Sire national Park or pamper yourself with thermal health treatments in the spa town of Mondorf-les-Bains. Take a wine-tasting tour or boat cruise on the River Moselle. For such a small country, you will need a long vacation to experience all that it has to offer.

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