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Cheap HotelsMalawi

Cheap Hotel Deals Malawi. 9 Hotels Available.

If you want to spend a vacation in the most beautiful country in Africa, then Malawi is the prefect choice. Here you will fin rare species of wildlife and stunning waterfalls. Tourists can delight in the natural surroundings as they trek through the country and not have to worry about crowds. With numerous national parks and wildlife reserves, you can really get to see the animals of this exciting country. You will find some of the rarest tropical fish in the world at Lake Malawi.

The capital of the northern part of the country is the city of Mzuzu, where you can visit the Livingstonia Museum as well as the unique Nyika National Park and the Vwasa Marsh Wildlife Reserve. In the other capital city of Lilongwe, you can visit the Old Town and shop at the interesting market. There are many sights to see in Blantyre, the largest town in the country, such as Mandala House, the oldest European building in the country. There are also museums and older churches in this city. Just north of this town, you can take in the breathtaking view from the top of the Zomba Plateau that towers over the town of Zomba.

When you visit the Lower Shire Valley, you will really feel the difference in temperatures as this area has a hotter climate than other parts of Malawi. Here you can visit sugar plantations and see how the raw material is made into what you use to sweeten your food. Nkhotakota is one of the oldest market towns in the country and was once the central location for the slave trade. Nkhata Bay is also a popular tourist destination with its many shops and marketplace.

Watersports, animal viewing and fishing are among the top activities you can engage in when you visit this country. The Nyika Plateau is a popular place for hiking and walking, but like all other areas of the country you can also enjoy cycling and horseback riding. One of the things you must see when you visit this country is a traditional dance that is central to most ceremonies.

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