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Cheap HotelsMicronesia

Cheap Hotel Deals Micronesia. 3 Hotels Available.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Micronesia is the name given to a collection of over 2000 islands. The official name of the country is The Federated States of Micronesia. You will experience a variety of cultures on these islands, where many people still dress in traditional garments. One example of this is the island of Yap where the currency is still that of ancient stones.  It is the prefect place for scuba diving with many dive sites on the islands and the best place to see the traditional dances from this part of the world.

When you visit the island of Chuck, you can see many historic sites, such as the Japanese Wartime Communication Centre and many small museums. The island of Pohnpei has the Spanish Wall, the Catholic bell Tower and the ruins of Nan Madol. Pohnpei also has magnificent waterfalls with beautiful bathing pools. There are beautiful stretches of sandy beaches on all of the islands where you can sunbathe, swim or take part in a variety of water sports.

If you enjoy hiking, you will love the trek up the slopes of the Sokehs Mountain from which you will have a panoramic view Sokehs rock and the harbor at Kolonia. Avid fishers will want to try their hand at tuna fishing or game fish, such as marlin and mahi-mahi.

For accommodation you can easily find a hotel in the capital cities of the islands. Many of these islands also have resorts. In the larger states, you can stay in a thatched cottage surrounded by exquisite gardens, or if you are backpacking, you can make arrangement with the locals to camp in one of the fields. Nightlife exists in the restaurants and nightclubs of the major centers. Shopping is a delight on all of the islands, where the major tourist purchases are love sticks and war clubs. Bring home a grass skirt and you will definitely want to have some of the stone money as a souvenir.

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