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Cheap HotelsOman

Cheap Hotel Deals Oman. 36 Hotels Available.

There is no lack of things to do and sites to see when you visit Oman located on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Even if you are not into taking a lot of pictures of scenery, you will be inspired to do so once you see the panoramic vistas of this country. The climate varies according to the season. It can be very hot in summer, with more pleasant temperatures during the winter months. The coastline features stunning beaches where you can bathe in the sun, engage in swimming or snorkeling or walk along the sand collecting unusual shells.

There are ample opportunities for diving and with the wealth of underwater flora, you will certainly want to dive under the warm waters. The average visibility in the Oman waters is 20 to 30 meters. Bird watchers won't have much difficulty seeing unusual species of birds with more than 460 species that call this country home. The beaches of the country are home to turtles, while the dolphins play offshore. The dunes of the Shariqiyah Desert can be more than 200 feet high, which is an astounding sight to see. You can take an adventure in the desert by camel or four-wheel drive. Sand boarding has become a popular sport on the sand dunes. Trekking, rock climbing and caving are other activities popular in this country.

There are many forts that you can visit as almost every town and city in the country has one of its own. There are also several world heritage sites in Oman such as the settlements and tombs dating back to 3000 B.C. in the Adh-Dhahira region. Bull Butting contests as well as horse and camel racing are just some of the events you can watch on your visit.

When you go shopping you will get a look into the life and culture of the Oman people. At the traditional marketplace, called the souk, you can buy many of the traditional handicrafts of the country. There is a wealth of accommodation with prices to suit every budget.

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