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Cheap HotelsParaguay

Cheap Hotel Deals Paraguay. 12 Hotels Available.

A landlocked country in South America, Paraguay is one of the least populated countries of this continent. The people are largely mestizo, but there is a large concentration of Japanese in this country. If you are looking for less crowded tourist destinations, then this country will provide you with the vacation of a lifetime. There are many hotels in this country offering comfortable accommodation. You can rent a bungalow or a villa or stay at a posh resort. There are numerous bars, casinos and discoes for nightly entertainment and for shopping enthusiasts there are modern shopping malls and quaint markets, where you can buy the coveted lace made in Paraguay.

The capital city of Asuncion is a typical planned Spanish city with many parks and plazas. Take in a magnificent view of the city from the Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez and see the diversity of architecture that exists in the older part of the city. Relax in the peace and quiet of the Botannical Gardens or stroll through the town and get to experience some of the culture.

The Yucatan is the orange-growing district of the country where you will see numerous orchards. In the Chaco, you can visit many parks and reserves, such as Defensores del Chaco, and Cerro Cora. If you really want to see the wildlife of the country, travel to the protected forests of Mbaracayu or Nacunday where you can see over 600 species of bird and 200 species of animals living in their natural habitat. If the sight of waterfalls is on your itinerary, then you have to visit the famous Iguazu Falls and the Monday Falls.

The Central Circuit is a route of about 200 km. that will take you to some of the most interesting sites of the country. Climb the foothills of the Cordillera de los Altos to reach the historic village of Paraguari. There are many opportunities for water sports and fishing that will give you the thrill of a lifetime and leave you wishing that you could stay.

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