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Cheap HotelsPeru

Cheap Hotel Deals Peru. 152 Hotels Available.

Stunning landscapes, remains of the Inca civilization and exotic wildlife are but a few words to describe the adventure of a lifetime that awaits you when you visit Peru. The first item on all itineraries of visitors to Peru is a visit to the World heritage Site of Macchu-Picchu. Not only will you have a magnificent view of the surrounding area, but you will also have a glimpse into the past in these exciting Incan ruins. The capital city of Cusco is also a World Heritage site. Here you will find colorful murals depicting scenes from the city's and country's history. Take in the sight of the Peruvian women wearing the traditional clothing of the country.

Step back in time when you visit Lima with its mansions and plazas decorated in Moorish fashion. Visit the opulent Government Palace and tour the cathedral dating back to the 18th century. The Cathedral of San Francisco is also a World heritage site as the only building to survive a devastating earthquake in 1746. The sight of this church is awe-inspiring with its domed roof and catacombs containing more than 70,000 bones.

Lake Titicaca is the largest manmade lake in the world and is surrounded by a wealth of ancient ruins. If you want to see the wildlife of the country, you just have to visit Manu National Park, where you will see just about every kind of bird and animal species in the country living in their native habitats. The 5000-year old city of Caral has recently been opened to tourists and Chan-Chan is the largest pre-Inca mud city in the country.

See the geoglyphs etched into the desert when you take a sightseeing trip from the air. Enjoy the exercise and the breathtaking views as you climb the ancient Inca trails to Macchu-Picchu that passes by twelve ancient ceremonial sites. Take a horseback tour of Cusco or trek though the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. There are many annual celebrations in the cities, towns and villages of Peru will give you a look at the exciting culture of the people.

There are many different forms of accommodation from resorts to thatched huts. Purchase genuine alpaca sweaters, rugs made from the wool of alpacas and llamas and the unique Indian masks. You mustn't forget to take plenty of pictures although the images will be etched in your memory for many years to come.

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