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Grand Central Hotel, an excellent hotel located at 99 Gordon Street, Glasgow. Unwind and relax with a drink in our bar. Lighthouse, Buchanan Street & Princes Square are close.


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Submitted by Dawn from United Kingdom on Saturday, August 9th, 2008

We had read grand descriptions of the hotel, boasting all its supposed amenities and room facilities and design. On arrival, we were met by reception staff who admitted to "not knowing what he was doin",and he tried to charge over 4 times the rate at which was confirmed during online booking. He asked another member of staff to help,and this was supposedly resolved. He then stated that we would have to leave our debit card details for a £25 security hold but this would not be charged. After awaiting 10 mins on the elavator, due to the other 2 being broken, we finally arrived to our room, struggling with our luggage. We were met by an old fashioned, run down bedroom which had torn wallpaper, broken shabby furniture, grotty old bedding which consisted of one blanket each with a cotton sheet, a thick layer of dust on the units and headboards, and not forgetting a disgusting spore riddled bathroom. The bathroom was full of mould, broken floortiles, dirt ingrained walltiles and a notice stating that "water was unsuitable for drinking". This is something you would expect in a third world country,not in Glasgow! We clearly believed that the water was a hazard when we decided to take a bath,and found that the water was yellow!!! The window security lock was broken, allowing for full opening of the window, how this passed health and safety issues I do not know! Especially when we had a 9 year old child with us, who quite easily could have reached the window sill, while 4 floors up! There was no heating, even although when we telephoned down to reception, were advised to use the unit in the room, which was in fact an air conditioning unit which was broken. We decided to explore the hotel, and found that the supposed grand bars were closed, and that the restaurant only served a limited menu from 6:30 pm until 9pm. Therefore there was nowhere to eat or drink, despite them having a notice on the door stating,"only food and drink purchased in this hotel may be consumed". Were we supposed to starve? We also found that the "newly refurbished leisure centre and swimming pool" were infact CLOSED FOR REFURBISHMENT" After a restless, disappointing night, we were glad to be leaving and checking out. Although, our disappointment didn't end there. On visiting the bank, I found that I had been charged the £25 to my account. I telephoned the hotel to be told that I hadn't. I explained that I had written proof in a bank statement, and this was when she said I would be refunded within the hour. Which 3 hours later I wasn't. So I telephoned the hotel again to be told that I would have to wait 3 days? 3 days for an electronic debit to my account which any other time is instant, and of which I should not have been charged for in the first place! She then said that she would deal with it right away and telephone me back,and yes..she didn't! It is now a full day later, and I still haven't been refunded my £25, nor have I received my telephone call! I being Scottish, am disgusted that people from all over the world are visiting the first and nearest hotel ajoining the largest train station in Glasgow, only to be met by this hotel! Having stayed at various hotels within Glasgow and the surrounding area, and experienced an amazing, high standard, I feel that this hotel gives tourists and visitors to our country the completely wrong impression of what is available!

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4 Star 99 Gordon Street, Glasgow, G1 3SF, United Kingdom. Sat Nav 55.860748, -4.258710

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24x7 Reception Area, Air Conditioned, AV Equipment, Baggage Store/Left Luggage, Banqueting Hall, Bathroom - Disabled Accessible, Breakfast Facility - Fee Applies, Bureau De Change, Business Facilities, Business Facilities, Child Friendly Hotel, Coffee Shop/Café Onsite, Concierge Facility, Conference/Convention Facilities, Deli/Snack Bar, Doorperson, Exhibition Area, Express Check Out Facility, Hearing Impaired Equipment, High Speed Wireless Internet, Large Hall, Laundry/Dry Cleaning Facilities, Lounge/Bar Facilities, Non Smoking Hotel, Parking Available Close To Hotel, Parking Available Close To Hotel, Passenger Lift/Elevator, Property is Wheelchair Accessible, Restaurant Facilities Onsite, Room - Disabled Accessible, Room Service Available, Secretarial Services Available, Wedding Facilities, Wheelchair Access
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UK: 020 3564 3088
Ireland: 01 517 1530
USA & Canada: 800 246 1236
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Glasgow 6.80 Miles (10.95 Kilometers)
Glasgow Prestwick 27.43 Miles (44.14 Kilometers)
Edinburgh 35.73 Miles (57.51 Kilometers)

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