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Cheap HotelsRussian Federation

Cheap Hotel Deals Russian Federation. 600 Hotels Available.

Since the Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, you will have to pick one area of the country to visit when you choose this as your next vacation destination. It may take you several vacations to see all parts of the country and even then you will only scratch the surface of what the Russian Federation has to offer. The first destination that comes to mind is that of Moscow, with its historic Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral. In Lenin's Mausoleum, you can see the wax figure of Lenin and the crowds in the square.

Just outside of Moscow there are many towns of historical importance within the Golden Ring, a circle of temples, monasteries, citadels and fortresses. St Petersburg is another of the large cities in this country. It consists of 42 islands. Here you can visit the Palace Square and the Winter Palace. The vast collection of the Hermitgae Art Museum inside the palace has an extensive collection that will take you quite a long time to get through if you want to see the entire collection. Other sites to see in St. Petersburg include the lavishly decorated rooms of the Yusupov Palace, the Kazan Cathedral and the Church of Spilled Blood. Just outside the city, you visit many palaces that were the summer residences of the past tsars of the country.

Take a trip to Kurshce Spit to see some of the wildlife native to this country and the Ussuriysk Taiga in Vladivostock, which is a unique habitat for many species of animals and plants. In Volgograd you will be astounded when you visit the Victory Museum and take a tour of the battlefields of the Second World War. If you visit here during the summer, you can visit the deepest lake in the world by means of a hydrofoil from Irkutsk.

There are so many things to do in the Russian Federation that there is something to make for an exciting vacation no matter where your interests lie. Enjoy a Russian steam bath, go skiing in the mountains or laze around on a beach. Each time you visit you will discover something new in attractions and activities.

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