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Cheap HotelsSan Marino

Cheap Hotel Deals San Marino. 3 Hotels Available.

Visit an Italian city state when you choose the 24 square mile country of San Marino as your next vacation destination. The official name is the Most Serene Republic of San Marino and serenity is what you get in this country. There are nine ancient citadels in the country, one of which is in the capital city, also named San Marino. At every turn you will encounter breathtaking scenery and historic sites. There is a wealth of museums in this city along with monuments and historic buildings.

Explore the medieval center of San Marino on foot, as there are no vehicles permitted. Hike to the three mountain peaks that overlook the city and are connected by a series of pathways. The city looks like a picture from a medieval movie with its walls, gates and ramparts with narrow winding streets and churches inside.

There are eight villages scattered throughout the countryside of San Marino. There are ancient ruins throughout the country as well. You are never far from the Italian beaches of the Adriatic when you are in this country. If you collect stamps of coins, then you are in the perfect location because this is the only territory of Italy that issues its own gold coins.

There are many hotels available offering comfortable and modern accommodation. At various time of the year there are festivals and celebrations. These include the sailing regatta and the Formula One Grand Prix. Shopping is very exciting in the wealth of unique items that you can purchase, such as locally made ceramics.

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