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Cheap HotelsUruguay

Cheap Hotel Deals Uruguay. 63 Hotels Available.

Uruguay is a tourist destination in South America with over 500 km of sandy beaches. Hot springs and resorts abound offering you the opportunity to see the sights and take in the culture of the country. Monetvideo, the capital of the country, is the cultural center with numerous museums and historic sights, with a year-round agenda for celebrations of all kinds. In this city, you will experience a blend of the old and the new in the architecture dating back to the time of the Portuguese and modern structures. See the remnants of the colonial past in such places as the Cathedral, the Place Matriz and the old Town Council building.

There is also a Swiss colony in Uruguay at Colonia Suiza, which has an exciting Old Quarter. The picturesque river ports on the Uruguay and Negro Rivers will charm you and have you snapping photos at every turn. Travel through the agricultural lands of the country and gaze in awe at the stunning hills surrounding Minas. Visit Colonia Del Sacramento, is a Portuguese city by the Rio de la Plata and has been rebuilt in the style of the 18th century.

Puna del Esteis the most popular tourist destination for those seeking sun, sand and adventure. Here the beaches are perfect for sunbathing and swimming and there is a wealth of water sports. You can rent a boat and sail on the river or spend you time in one of three main fishing areas where you can take in a deep-sea charter to try your luck at fishing. In Cabo Palonia, dune walking is an experience as is watching the native people dancing the tango.

Since tourism is a major part of the economy in Uruguay, you won't have any difficulty finding accommodation to suit just about every taste and budget. The hotels in Montevideo have restaurants and bars and nightlife is also available in the popular discos. The Tristan Narvaja Market is famous for its antiques if you want to take in some shopping.

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